Top 10 Stanley Cup Stories
#6 Kris Draper
Posted On 05.17, 2013

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2008 – Detroit Red Wings – Kris Draper

Here is the story that brought about this Top 10 list. If the Rangers had a 54-year curse for urinating on the Cup, Hockeytown USA might be in for a long drought.

A week after winning this year’s Stanley Cup, Red Wings Kris Draper put his newborn daughter Kamryn in the Cup where she did what newborn babies do. We’ll let Draper explain: “She pooped in the Cup…We had a pretty good laugh. I still drank out of it that night, so no worries.”

Now how about that ice cream sundae?

Top 10 Stanley Cup Stories

‹‹ #7 Lynn Patrick #5 Ed Olczyk ››

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