10 Questions with Tony Kornheiser

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3. Memories and Influences

RCS: Art Spander wrote a column for RealClearSports titled "33 Years of Super Bowl Memories." You haven't been around for quite as long, but you've covered an awful lot of Super Bowls yourself. What's one of your favorite Super Bowl memories?

Kornheiser: Well my first one was, I did one for the New York Times -- whatever one that was. So I go back as long as Art. Yea, I’m old.

I’m not that kind of guy where I give people memories, but you know what they used to say about Art? They used to say K-ART broadcasting 24 hours a day. That Artie just talked and talked and talked and talked. And there was probably nobody in the history of sports writing who went to as many events as Art Spander, wrote as many words as Art Spander, and talked as much as Art Spander. He was like everybody’s go to guy in the Bay area.

RCS: Staying on the history of sports writing, which sportswriters have you been most influenced by?

Kornheiser: The greatest influences in my life are people that nobody knows anymore. Stan Isaacs at Newsday, Larry Merchant, at that point, at the New York Post, Steve Jacobsen at Newsday, Dave Anderson at the N.Y. Times, Red Smith at the N.Y. Times, Jim Murray at the Los Angeles Times, Frank Deford, Curry Kirkpatrick, Dan Jenkins at Sports Illustrated.

RCS: Which sportswriters do you read on a daily basis now?

Kornheiser: Well, on daily basis it’s hard to say, because I’m not writing anymore and it’s just sort of different. But I still read Bob Ryan, Mike Lupica, Mitch Albom. Guys who were my contemporaries. John Feinstein when he writes. And, of course, Wilbon is delivered to my door.

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