10 Questions with Tony Kornheiser

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2. Media Day

RCS: So obviously, the big story of this week is the Super Bowl. And in his column [Michael] Wilbon lamented that "Players aren't actually the biggest stars of media day very often anymore… [T]he truth is media day has become a bit, well, contrived."

Is there anything the NFL can do to change this perception?

Kornheiser: I don’t think the NFL cares about that.  The NFL is a business, and the NFL likes to say, “we undersell and we over deliver.” They bring thousands of people to this giant carnival tent and they put the players out there for one hour each. That’s all, just one hour.  Even though all the players complain about how difficult it is to answer media questions all day. One bloody hour of their lives, six days before the game goes off.  And the NFL reaps fascinating publicity from this. Sort of non-stop publicity.

It’s unimaginable how smart the NFL is and how they’ve manipulated this and how it’s successful.  I don’t think they care a hoot that columnists lament that it isn’t the way it used to be. If it was the way it used to be there would be 40 people there.  Now they have thousands there, and they’re a global entity.

And you know what? That lament is easy. That’s just so easy. Anybody can write that column.  I’ve written that column myself.  The fact of the matter is that media day is great fun for making fun of the media, making fun of the players, and making fun of the entire week and how overblown it is. I mean people write their best columns on media day.  I used to love media day. Great fun.


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