10 Questions with Tony Kornheiser

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7. Ignoring Technology

RCS: You've have had an amazing successfully career, but you famously cannot text message. Do you think younger journalists, even supremely talented ones, can afford to ignore technology like you have?

Kornheiser: No. No. No. I was allowed in my life as a writer to become idiosyncratic.  I tried to do it. I wanted to do it. I believe I was successful in doing it. Newspapers allowed me to do it because they felt that whatever was being delivered to them was worth that.  At some point you become this person.  It’s not like when Tony’s not on TV or radio he’s this very different person.   He sits very quietly and reads vast poetry. No, I don’t. I’m this person. It’s pretty much who I am. Maybe I didn’t start out to be this person but this person took hold of me and I willingly and eagerly went along for the ride.

Don’t follow me. If you’re young and trying to get in this business, you’ve got to avail yourself to all the technology and all the time. I’m not saying the world was better when I was younger. I’m not that guy. That’s for someone else. I don’t bemoan that stuff.  There’s a new world and I’m not that in it. I don’t even have a toe in it, because I’ve been allowed not to be.

But sometime I’m gonna have to jump in, right?

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