10 Questions with Tony Kornheiser

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5. Washington Post Buyout

RCS: After you took your buyout with the Washington Post, you said on your radio show, "It feels odd and it feels bad. It doesn't feel sad, there's no sadness to it. It just feels wrong." Why the seemingly confused emotions?

Kornheiser: I got into circumstances where people in my own department came to me and said it’d be better for everyone concerned if I took the buyout.  So I felt unwanted to some degree, and I understood why.  I wasn’t contributing the way I used to, for the reasons I said before.  And I understood why they wanted to get rid of me.  It felt rotten though, and it made me angry. I took it though, because it was a pretty good deal.  And I thought maybe I could work for them again, maybe I could write again. I still hold that hope that I can write again, but it’s got to be a completely different kind of mindset for me to write again because I’m in television and radio now.

I respect the writing most of all.  I get the paper every day and I admire what I think is good, and I don’t admire what I think is bad. It feels like I ought to still be there, but I’m not.

Sadness I think would imply self-pity, and I don’t have any of that.  I’m not a self-pity guy. I’m an anger guy.

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