10 Questions With Mike Vaccaro

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6. Yankees-Red Sox Rivalry Still Fervent?

RCS: Torre’s old team hasn’t won the World Series since 2000, and they missed the playoffs last year -- is the rivalry between them and the Red Sox still as fervent? Will the Yankees’ off-season spending ignite another 100-year rivalry between the two teams?

Vaccaro: I think it's dormant, for sure, given the fact they haven't faced each other in a playoff series in five years (amazing as that number is). But there are always going to be ancient embers burning in this rivalry and I think it'll be fascinating whenever it does happen again because the dynamic has changed entirely; the Yanks are where the Sox were, and vice versa; the hunter becoming the hunted.

I still think, until proven otherwise, the Sox are the team to beat. And if nothing else, the Yanks are certainly more fortified to do that than they've been in recent years.

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