10 Questions With Mike Vaccaro

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4. Where's Verducci's Criticism

RCS: Sticking with the LA and New York baseball teams, many columnists, including you, have criticized Joe Torre in regards to his new book, "The Yankee Years." In fact, you wrote a column titled "Torre Managed to Ruin a Legacy." Considering that it "…is not a traditional as-told-to biography…[it] is really a narrative [Verducci has] written about the Torre years that includes a great deal of input from Torre," why haven't more people criticized Verducci's role in the book?

Vaccaro: Because Verducci didn't do anything wrong. It wasn't Tom Verducci who made his reputation preaching about trust, and honesty, and what's-said-in-the-clubhouse-stays-in-the-clubhouse. That was all Joe. I've read the book and it is a superb job of reporting by Verducci, great job of storytelling by him. It isn't on Verducci to explain to Matt Kemp or Andre Ethier or Jonathan Broxton that he won't violate their confidences, the way Joe does the Yankees. Verducci's only standard was to be true to himself as a journalist, and once you read the book there is no denying he did that.

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