10 Questions With Mike Vaccaro

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7. Sports as Distraction

RCS: In your book, "1941: The Greatest year in Sports," you wrote about how sports provided a distraction for America as WWII raged in Europe. Do you think that sports can serve a similar role during the current economic situation?

Vaccaro: I owe you one for the plug! Kidding aside, I hope so. I hope that incredible Super Bowl helped people forget their trouble for a few hours. I hope when baseball season finally gets here it can provide the kind of daily buffer it always provides.

Here is my one fear: that fans will grow more resentful than ever at the growing chasm between themselves and the recession-proof athletes they cheer for. I think we've always understood there's a bubble that will someday be popped and fans stop believing sports is worth the trouble anymore. Hard economic times surely could usher that in. But I hope not.

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