10 Questions With Mike Vaccaro

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10. Most Erroneous

RCS: If that is your higher high, we must bring up a lower low. We selected two of your articles as the second and third-most erroneous columns of 2008. First, how much do you hate us? And secondly, that's only from last year –- what are some of the most erroneous of your career?

Vaccaro: Hate you? Ha! Any columnist who tells you they aren't flattered whenever anyone remembers something they've written, positive or negative, is lying. And hey, the two columns that earned those prominent places on the list were hideously wrong, as it turned out.

And in my very first job as a columnist, in Middletown, N.Y., I remember once writing a column lauding the Jets ... For hiring Rich Kotite. I think that's my own Waterloo, that one. I've always wanted to go to all the upstate libraries and burn the microfilm evidence of it…


Full-Transcript of the RCS-Vaccaro Interview


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