9 Questions with the Creator of Pardon The Interruption

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2. What's Wrong with Wilbon?

RCS: Well, we'd expect something curmudgeonly from Kornheiser, but in his column Saturday, Wilbon wrote, “Sometime around 2 p.m. on New Year's Day 2009, after watching the first two periods of the NHL's Winter Classic outdoors at Chicago's Wrigley Field, I announced that I was leaving the house to take a drive. My wife, astounded, said: 'You've never left the house on New Year's Day in the whole time I've known you. Is there something wrong with you?'"

You're not his wife, but still we ask, what’s wrong with Wilbon?

Erik Rydholm: Mike has recently begun to exhibit some signs of "old-man" behavior -- you know, where the old man says that everything in today's world is junk and it was much better when he was young. And so, in this case, I imagine he is lamenting the passing of the all-day bowl game orgy. The great thing about Mike is that we've made him aware of this tendency of late, and he seems quite proud of it.

He is without a doubt the most comfortable person I've ever met. He has no doubts about who he is, what he likes, or what he does. This is the life he imagined, he wanted, he worked his ass off for, he attained, and he now enjoys.

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