9 Questions with the Creator of Pardon The Interruption

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8. ESPN Controversy

RCS: After Jay Glazer broke the Brett Favre-Matt Millen phone call story, ESPN received criticism for an internal “DO NOT REPORT” memo that was leaked to the media. You told the ESPN Ombudsman that you didn’t have a problem with that memo. In hindsight, could ESPN have dealt with that situation differently?

Erik Rydholm: That's an area that I have little involvement with, so I could tell you yes or no and it wouldn't mean very much. We had some people on staff who wanted to go with the Glazer story and we had the ESPN desk asking us to hold off. When I looked at it, I didn't feel much was lost by waiting as long as ESPN wasn't sure of the story, so we waited.

We talked about it on Wednesday instead of Monday. The world kept turning.

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