10 Questions With Richard Justice
7. Tracy McGrady Decline
Posted On 05.17, 2013

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RCS: Outside of baseball, there have been a lot of interesting sports discussions in Houston recently. Monday night, Tracy McGrady missed a dunk so badly that many NBA analysts think he might be done. Do you think McGrady will ever get back to form or will his career continue to rapidly decline?

Justice: I'm hoping Tracy's left knee is still hurting. He went for an MRI today. If his knee is in bad shape, that at least would explain how poorly he has played and how unhappy he has seemed. He and Ron Artest have terrible chemistry on the floor and have been taking shots at each other in the media. I can't believe Tracy has declined so rapidly. I guess he needs to take an entire offseason and get his knee back in shape. The problem with that is he apparently has never been the hardest worker.

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