10 Questions with Jay Mariotti
8. Receiving Criticism
Posted On 05.17, 2013

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RCS: As much as you see it as your responsibility to be hard on teams, there's no question that some feel it's their responsibility to be hard on you. We, for example, named your January 2008 column titled "Crown them Now. Pats Can't Lose" the most erroneous column of the year; and sites like Deadspin seemingly enjoy hating you. How does it affect you when you're the butt of jokes or receiving criticism?

Mariotti: Hey, if I'm occasionally making people the butts of jokes, how can I complain? A critic who doesn't think he should be criticized is a hypocrite. All I know is, I'm out and about every day in Chicago and around the country, and people couldn't be kinder to me. A few fans are going to rip you on the Internet, and that's fine if they aren't sick puppies about it. Don't really follow it: I'm busy doing TV every day, a column most days and traveling to sports events. I like helping college and high-school students who have a chance to use their talents productively.

As for the Patriots, how many other media people had them going unbeaten? Hundreds?

RCS: Probably thousands. But still, it was more enjoyable to make fun of you.

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