10 Questions with Jay Mariotti
9. Around The Horn
Posted On 05.17, 2013

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RCS: When we talked to Erik Rydholm (creator and executive producer of Around the Horn), he said "I do hear from [Jay Mariotti] when he hasn't won in a while or when he feels he wasn't scored properly, but part of that is that he likes the extra thirty seconds to talk at the end of the show."

On a day you didn't win, what is the best thing you never got an opportunity to say?

Mariotti: No, he hears from me any time Woody Paige wins. And I kid when I say that, because Around The Horn continues to be the most fun experience I've had in the business -- and I can say that after 1,300 shows. Some people think we don't like each other, and for those 30 minutes, maybe we don't. But we're all friends and grizzled comrades.

Best thing I never had an opportunity to say? That Tony Reali's scoring system is an ungodly mess and needs to be high on Obama's Sports Fix-it list.

‹‹ 8. Receiving Criticism 10. Woody's Chalkboard ››

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