10 Questions with Kevin Blackistone
2. Tiger's Back
Posted On 05.17, 2013

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RCS: So on to another person who enjoys his job: Tiger's back. And in her recent column, USA Today's Christine Brennan quoted him breaking down his round and poised a question that we'll ask you to answer. "After the dramas involving Michael Phelps and Alex Rodriguez, isn't it refreshing to hear a sports hero actually talk sports?"

Blackistone: Sure it is. At the end of the day, I suspect that's what most people who keep up with sports want to hear from the people they watch in awe. I'm interested in that too. But I've just always been drawn to other things in an athlete's mind, like listening to A-Rod try to explain why he would resort to banned performance-enhancing drugs when his natural ability seemed so much better than most everyone else's that he didn't need to artificially enhance it.

One of the most interesting chats I've ever had with an athlete was with the boxer Gabriel Ruelas, when he decided to return to the ring after having killed the last fighter he fought. Or talking to a Mississippi Valley State basketball player named Marcus Mann about his decision to turn down NBA riches to become a grade school teacher, which to me is even more admirable and remarkable than turning down sports money to fight and kill in the army.


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