10 Questions with Kevin Blackistone
7. Sports Award Voting
Posted On 05.17, 2013

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RCS: Great point. So if newspapers don't exist a year from now, it seems the instant transition from old media to new media will cause a dilemma for sports award voting. There may be lots of newspaper sports writers with a vote and without a job, and lots of online sports writers with a job and without a vote. How should sports award voting procedures change to accommodate the future of sports media?

Blackistone: A few years after I got into sports, I started receiving some ballots for this award and that award. And I filled them out. Then I was asked to serve on a board for a hall of fame and I stepped back and thought about it for a moment. I thought that I didn't want to make news; I just wanted to report and opine on it. So I stopped voting for awards then and there. That isn't a criticism of those who do it. I think there are a lot of reporters who follow the games very closely and have the most-educated opinion on who should win what award and which players are most worthy of the hall of fame.

If we in the media are to be involved in such voting in the future, then that is who should do it -- the reporters who see the games and talk to the participants on a regular basis. They will still exist, they'll just be at AOL FanHouse and, etc. Yes, that rules out bloggers, at least those who fit the stereotype of sitting in mom's basement with a sports radio channel blaring and ESPNews flickering on the tube.

By the way, my new office -- at least the one not at the university -- is in my basement and the TV is flickering not far away.

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