10 Questions with Kevin Blackistone
5. Shorter Baseball Season
Posted On 05.17, 2013

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RCS: Spring Training is now underway. After last year's World Series fiasco, you wrote what we thought was a thoughtful piece about shortening the season and playing more regular-season doubleheaders. But, as is so often the case, that conversation has come and gone. What needs to happen to ensure that, in future years, the baseball season doesn't end after Thanksgiving?

Blackistone: The baseball owners could fire Bud and name me commissioner and I'd do the job for half the pay and give you half of what I wind up with. How's that?

Unfortunately, we'll never realize that winning lotto ticket and baseball isn't likely to shorten the season because that could mean less revenue. And baseball is likely to rake in less dough this season given our sunless economic climate. When, however, things recover, I'd just like baseball, the union included, to return the phrase "twi-night" doubleheader to our lexicon. That would tighten the season. And given that the last 20 years are so skewed by drugs, why not return to a 154-game schedule? Baseball has changed the ball and the mound and some rules over the years and put in lights at Wrigley. I think it could survive intact cutting off eight games.

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