10 Questions with Kevin Blackistone
3. A-Rod's PR Strategy
Posted On 05.17, 2013

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RCS: You wrote a particularly interesting column about A-Rod recently in which you talked about his brilliantly manufacture appeal - framing himself as a "bumpkin" and shifting some of the blame to his cousin. You also make the point that it was an attempt to restore his credibility enough so that we didn't suspect he was using steroids before 2001. But it begs the question, if this appeal was simply manufactured, if he really isn't a bumpkin, is it likely he was using steroids before 2001?

Blackistone: Well, if we listen to baseball's on-the-money whistleblower, Jose Canseco, it is likely that A-Rod was using banned substances before 2001. He can't expunge that allegation. He has nothing to offer to prove otherwise save his words.

All I know is that A-Rod was never the rube he was claiming to be at 25, 26 years old when he accepted a quarter of a billion dollars from Tom Hicks to play for the Rangers. He was as smooth and sophisticated an athlete groomed in part by Nike that we'd ever seen. He was baseball's Jordan. I recall chatting with him late one spring training afternoon after he got to the Rangers and he just seemed like a much brighter light than a lot of guys.

Clearly, I was blinded.

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