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Links To The Past: Florida Has A Great Plan To Get Recruits

A nice summary of the History of the NBA Draft. Only eight second round picks have become All-Stars since the Draft was limited to two rounds in 1989. (Suite 101)

DJ Gallo got his hands on Pacman's letter of reinstatement early. I guess it got lost in the mail...or it was used to clean a stripper's pole. (ESPN)

Just one more reason why Pete Rose should be in the Hall of Fame. Sure, he gambled, but he was REALLY bad at it. (SportsByBrooks)

So, DeShawn Stevens dresses up like other NBA players and acts like them in practice? Sounds productive. (DC Sports Bog)

Two of the most overrated things together at last! (SportsByBrooks)

Comparing Garbage Pail Kids to athletes. For example: Michael "Con Vic"K. (Food Court Lunch)

Best nicknames in MLB (MLB.com)

A Florida recruit knocked over the BCS Championship trophy which is worth $8,000. Anyone else think Florida just plants fake ones and have all their recruits "knock it over" so they'll feel forced to sign with them? I'm not putting it past Urban Meyer. (FanBlogs)