Top 10 Defunct Rivalries

Top 10 Defunct Rivalries

It's the final weeks of the college football season, the time when leaves fall and the fiercest rivalry games are being played. But with 10 teams switching conferences this season and 18 more to come next year, this isn't your father's - heck, even your older brother's - game anymore.

Sure, we'll still see Army-Navy, Michigan-Ohio State and USC-UCLA in the coming weeks, but where is Oklahoma-Nebraska? With fierce winds of realignment swirling about college football, some of the oldest traditions seem permanently consigned to the history books and nostalgic highlight shows.

Missouri and Kansas have played the last edition of the Border War, which began as a real war with real bloodshed. Texas and Texas A&M really put the Lone Star battle on hiatus, over the vociferous objections of the Texas legislature and ex-Aggie Yell Leader Ricky Perry. The Backyard Brawl did not survive, either, as both West Virginia and Pitt went their separate ways.

In the BCS era, disappearing rivalries unfortunately are becoming routine. Oklahoma and Nebraska used to have one of the top five rivalries in college football, but that went away as an annual series when the Big 12 was formed in 1996 - and now it's really dead, as the Huskers have moved on to the Big Ten. Ditto West Virginia and Virginia Tech, as the Black Diamond Trophy has been gathering dust since 2005.

College football isn't even the only sport where storied rivalries are consigned to the ash heap of history. It happens elsewhere, whether it's college or pro, as teams relocate, leagues expand and reshuffle and schools jump conferences. You can blame most of this on money, but whatever the reason, these are our Top 10 Defunct Rivalries.

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