Tigers Underperforming or Overrated?

Tigers Underperforming or Overrated?

It is late afternoon at Comerica Park and the scoreboard says in big, baby-blue letters that the Twins just beat the Tigers for the second consecutive day. In slightly smaller baby-blues, it insists the Tigers are 18-20 six weeks into a new season.

Toss in the five games they donated to the Mariners, and these are astonishing numbers when the Tigers' 2012 roster features more high-end retail than Somerset Collection.

Comerica Park's customers (37,840 for Thursday's afternoon game) are beginning to wonder if they've been duped. And the unequivocal response here is: Uh, maybe.

More seriously: This 2012 Tigers team is good and still should win the division. But fans are right to wonder if manager Jim Leyland's under-performing gang is less fact than fiction. Here's one arbiter's view:

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