More SEC Expansion Coming, But Where?

More SEC Expansion Coming, But Where?

The last time they stopped playing the “Realignment Rhapsody” and everybody scrambled for a seat, the SEC had 14 available chairs.

One year later, they’re cranking up the band again. And don’t be surprised if the SEC puts another couple of seats on the floor.

Even before the SEC holds a single sporting event as a 14-school conference, the possibility of further expansion is in the wind. With Florida State pondering its future in the ACC and batting its eyes at the Big 12, the intercollegiate deck soon could be reshuffled. Look for the SEC to do whatever is necessary to extend its footprint and strengthen its membership.

Although there is no official wait list, the SEC would have no trouble filling a couple of extra spots. Like Commissioner Mike Slive said last year when asked if schools other than Texas A&M and Missouri had expressed interest in the SEC:

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