Jets Lighting a Fire Under Sanchez

Jets Lighting a Fire Under Sanchez

The New York Jets insist they have no quarterback controversy, and I believe them. Mark Sanchez is their guy, they tell us, and they're going to do everything they can to make him the quarterback they believe he can be.

OK, terrific.

But then they turn around this week and dissect Sanchez's "poor decision-making," saying it contributed to his 26 turnovers last season, before applauding backup Tim Tebow for his throwing motion. Now, I might have this all wrong, but that sure sounds like a competition to me, which begs the question: Is this any way to support your starting quarterback?

In this case, I suggest it might be.

For three years Sanchez has been the Jets' unquestioned starter. From the moment he stepped into training camp as a rookie the plan was to make him -- not veteran Kellen Clemens -- the starter and to see where he could take them. And where he took them was to two AFC championship games in his first two pro seasons.

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