Heat's Playoff Dogfight Begins Tonight

Heat's Playoff Dogfight Begins Tonight

The phrase, repeated by Heat coach Erik Spoelstra on Wednesday, acts as calming admonition to the panicky among Heat followers and a warning to the brash.

“Welcome to the playoffs.”

That’s pretty much where the Heat sits, tied 1-1 as the second-round series transitions from South Florida to Indiana.

There’s the usual tempest in a teapot. Did Indiana celebrate too much after winning Game 2 or, at least, more than it admitted later? There’s the drama of the championship-or-bust Heat trying to fight Indiana’s size after getting its best player taller than 6-8, Chris Bosh, abdominally pulled from the series.

Don’t worry: nobody expects the Heat’s non-stars to parade again through the five-points-or-less express lane to the offseason again. Worry — the Pacers are playing good enough defense that the Heat is 1 for 22 from three-point range, shots it needs to hit to open penetration lanes for LeBron James and Dwyane Wade.

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