For Coyotes, It's Them Against the World

For Coyotes, It's Them Against the World

The Coyotes need a transcendent moment. It must be big enough to win a playoff game in May, maybe even derail a runaway opponent.

Miracles have sprouted from less.

"We just need to win one game," goalie coach Sean Burke said Wednesday, "and then let's see what happens."

Hockey the hard way? Yep, this qualifies. To advance in the Stanley Cup playoffs, the Coyotes must win four of the next five games against a team on a seven-game winning streak, and which tied a NHL record for postseason sizzle with seven consecutive road victories.

Former Coyotes star Keith Tkachuk said it looks like the Coyotes are afraid to go after the puck against a bigger opponent. Two ugly home losses to start the Western Conference finals have thinned the herd, creating leg room on the bandwagon. The hockey team has returned to a lonely, familiar place:

It's them against the world. Few like their odds.

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