Battle of Beltways Now Has Relevance

Battle of Beltways Now Has Relevance

As the Washington Nationals prepare to host the Baltimore Orioles this weekend at Nationals Park for the 2012 Battle of the Beltways, let's pay tribute to that illustrious list of players who have worn both the Nationals and Orioles jerseys:

Jeffrey Hammonds, John Halama, Tony Batista, Willie Harris, Corey Patterson, Daniel Cabrera, Jerry Hairston, Nick Johnson, Luis Ayala, Endy Chavez, Alex Cintron and Luis Matos.

It's hard to believe that Sidney Ponson was never a National, isn't it? He seemed like a Jim Bowden natural.

The list doesn't read like an All-Star roster, but if you were picking players from both the Nationals and Orioles 2012 squads, you might be able to put together the best team in baseball.

After all, you would be selecting from two division contending rosters.

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