St. Louis Stadium Issue Not Complex

St. Louis Stadium Issue Not Complex

Nothing amuses me more than when a public servant tells me that I ought to mind my own business and stay out of his. The tricky thing about being a public servant — with strong emphasis on that word public — is that your business is my business.

So imagine what a chuckle I got Tuesday when I found out that Mayor Francis Slay's chief of staff, Jeff Rainford, went on local sports talk radio suggesting that all this public (oops, there goes that word again) haggling over the Edward Jones Dome renovation business was just too darned complicated for a sports columnist to understand.

"I respect Bryan as a sports writer," Rainford told host Frank Cusumano on KFNS (590 AM), "(but) probably he'd be best served sticking to sports. I don't think he understands the convention business, what it takes in the convention business and what it takes to get ahead in the business."

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