Pen, Young Stars May Help Orioles Buck Trend

Pen, Young Stars May Help Orioles Buck Trend

You can be forgiven if, as a fan of another team, you are captivated by the Baltimore Orioles' hot start and you start believing in their playoff chances. If you are a fan of the Orioles, you have no such excuse.

That's the first place to start when analyzing the first-place Orioles: They've done this before. The Orioles haven't had a winning season since 1997, but over the last 14 years they've lured fans in with one false spring after another. As you'll see, over the last decade the Orioles have been a bigger tease than Danica Patrick's GoDaddy ads.

Last year, the Orioles won six of their first eight games, and as late as June 10 were a respectable 30-31. They finished 69-93.

In 2009, the Orioles began 6-2 on the way to a 64-98 season.

In 2008, the Orioles started 6-1 and played .500 ball for the next three months — they were 45-41 after winning on the 4th of July, moving into 3rd place in the crucible that is the AL East. Six weeks later they were still 62-65. The Orioles then lost 28 of their last 33 games to finish 68-93. It wasn't their worst finish of the decade.

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