Grad Transfer Rule Rewards Smart Students

Grad Transfer Rule Rewards Smart Students

When the hierarchy of the National Association of Basketball Coaches met recently to discuss whether the NCAA should overturn the graduate transfer rule, they held their discussions in private. Oh, you bet they did. They issued no press releases regarding their talks. Of course they did not.

How, really, would even the most skilled public relations strategist have spun this?

How does one explain that the coaches — as a group — are campaigning to NCAA president Mark Emmert against a rule that emphasizes education, that rewards the successful pursuit of a degree, that reinforces the value of senior athletes?

All that is at work in the graduate transfer exception. To qualify to be immediately eligible upon transferring schools, the “student-athlete” must complete degree work at his current institution and then pursue an advanced degree at his new school.

The weird thing about the coaches making such a big deal about this is it doesn’t come up all that often. Guard Mark Lyons leaving Xavier for Arizona certainly is significant, and Julius Mays could help Kentucky after averaging 14.1 points for Wright State last season. There are few such headlines surrounding this issue, however.

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