As VCU Joins A-10, the Mid-Major Is No More

As VCU Joins A-10, the Mid-Major Is No More

And so it can be said that on May 15, 2012, the term mid-major officially became a misnomer.

With the announcement that Virginia Commonwealth has joined Butler as the newest members of the Atlantic 10, the label is now moot. There is nothing middling anymore about mid-majors; these are no longer plucky little engines that think they can knock down the mighty.

They are players, major players in the world of college basketball and they are making moves just like their big-boy brethren -- following the money trail all the way to $greener$ pastures.

Of course, following in someone's footsteps is a good idea only if your predecessor sets a good example.

And in this case, unfortunately, the usually charming, feel-good, do-good mid-majors are walking the same path that their greedy, mercenary big brothers have paved.

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