It's Ugly, But Gritty 76ers Edge Celtics

It's Ugly, But Gritty 76ers Edge Celtics

Evan Turner, who had played the entire game taking way too many chances, wasn't going to risk another as he drove toward the basket with the Sixers trailing by one point and just over 40 seconds to play against the Boston Celtics on Monday night.

The Sixers had led by 10 points late in the third quarter and saw that lead steadily drip away, just as it did in Game 1 of this series. If Turner didn't take care of the ball and get it safely to the basket, the Sixers were looking at another gee-whiz loss to the Celtics and a two-games-to-none series hole.

So, Turner took off from the left wing, picking his way through the Boston defenders like a man dodging puddles on a rainy street. He cradled the ball in his right arm near the end, running back-style, then switched it to his left as he flew beneath the basket and laid it in delicately from the reverse side.

It wasn't the best game of Turner's career, but it was the biggest, and his determined drive to the basket can serve as a microcosm of how the Sixers are playing now. It isn't pretty basketball. It isn't consistent basketball. But in those final furious minutes, they can hang around long enough to get a win.

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