How to Make Football Worth the Risk

How to Make Football Worth the Risk

A linebacker from The Ohio State University chose law school over a chance to play for the Cleveland Browns. If they can remember, Tom Cousineau, Marcus Marek, Chris Spielman, Andy Katzenmoyer, Steve Tovar, Lorenzo Styles, A.J. Hawk and all the other Linebacker U immortals are rolling over in their scarlet and gray jerseys.

Over the past 30 years, there are only two jobs more coveted, prestigious, revered and dangerous than NFL middle linebacker: 1. NFL quarterback; 2. Kim Kardashian sex slave.

Andrew Sweat’s decision to eschew the Browns for law school speaks to how swiftly football’s image is changing. America’s national pastime has had a Thanksgiving driveway-like car accident. Junior Seau is Elin Nordegren and the NFL is Tiger Woods.

Tiger is still a force of nature when it comes to drawing viewers to golf. He’s still famous, infamous, attractive, charismatic, exciting and impossible to ignore. He’s also damaged and a shell of his former self on the golf course.

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