Sixers Must Get More from Brand and Young

Sixers Must Get More from Brand and Young

When an NBA game begins, the coaches of the teams are each carrying 240 minutes of playing time in their pockets, and at this time of the year, those aren't doled out to make anyone feel good.

The time for character building and confidence boosting is long gone, and veteran players like Elton Brand – who watched the final 20 minutes, 21 seconds of Game 1 versus Boston from the bench – know that better than anyone.

"It's not personal. It's personnel," Brand said.

Yes, it is, and coaches see the players as interlocking pieces of a machine in those precious 48 minutes times five. They are looking for the gears that fit together the tightest. As this Eastern Conference semifinal series continues, there are a number of areas the Sixers must adjust and tighten, but how to retool the power forward position is really high up the list.

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