Rangers-Devils Blood Feud May Erupt

Rangers-Devils Blood Feud May Erupt

This whole thing, all the rancor and resentment you get now from John Tortorella vs. Peter DeBoer, really has its roots in a 1982 migration, when the Devils moved from Colorado to Jersey and became the fiscally responsible little brother to the big-payroll Rangers. Before you knew it, the Devils got good and the Rangers got nasty.

There was, for example, Tie Domi steadfastly refusing to shake hands with Claude Lemieux, no angel, after a tough seven-game series in 1992.

“He called me a melonhead,” Domi said then. “Why should I shake his hand? If I shake his hand, then I’m his friend. I never have to be nice to him. He’s a jughead.”

Melonhead vs. jughead. Maybe that’s where the sharp edges were forged.

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