Los Angeles Struck by Hoops Hoopla

Los Angeles Struck by Hoops Hoopla

When the Los Angeles Clippers take the floor at Staples Center, no one forgets the tenant of record for lo these many years. The Los Angeles Lakers' championship banners offer impressive reminders.

But a growing number of Clippers fans are finding it cool to follow this young, athletic, improving team for a lot of reasons, such as: The Clippers are exciting and interesting and fun — yet also affordable.

And now they are also still viable at a time of year foreign to Clippers fans: the playoffs.

If you had wanted to, at the last minute, acquire a reasonably good ticket on StubHub for the Clippers' Game 6 playoff game at Staples Center Friday against the Memphis Grizzlies, you would not have had to break the bank. Two tickets, below the suites, $100 apiece.

Now switch the scenario. It's Game 6 of a first-round series with the Lakers vs. whomever. Last-minute tickets? Expect to pay at least three to four times as much.

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