Knicks Too Busy to Call on Phil Jackson

Knicks Too Busy to Call on Phil Jackson

As the Lakers teetered on the brink of elimination and collapse last week, and while the Clippers were trying -- but ultimately failing -- to choke away a 3-1 lead in their fifth playoff appearance since moving to Southern California, Phil Jackson was trading in his crutches for a cane and walking a mile a day.

For Jackson, the 11-time NBA champion and 66-year-old philosopher, his focus and fury has been trained on one goal. It's a long road back to health and youthfulness for Jackson, a road that he hopes leads him to, of all places, a tennis court by the end of the summer.

That's right, the former Lakers coach with the fused spine, artificial hips and newly replaced knee is feeling so good, he expects to be stroking forehands and backhands -- and, by those, we don't mean he'll be slapping Pau Gasol and Andrew Bynum around in the hopes of waking them up.

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