Giants and A's Must Solve Ballpark Impasse

Giants and A's Must Solve Ballpark Impasse

The franchise owners of Major League Baseball will soon gather for another quarterly meeting. This one, on Wednesday and Thursday, is scheduled for New York.

And just like every other quarterly MLB owners meeting of the past three years, one thing is guaranteed:

There will be no resolution of the A's ballpark situation or whether the team can pursue a new venue in San Jose over the Giants' objections. The issue is not on the meeting agenda.

Which, of course, means that it definitely will be discussed -- just not in the official meeting. That's how it worked during the previous owners gathering in January at a posh Arizona resort.

That week in the desert, the A's stadium future was not on the agenda for the main session with all 30 baseball owners. But it reached a smaller meeting of MLB's eight-person executive council, the most powerful subgroup of owners. The executive council confabbed with the so-called "blue ribbon panel" that was assigned three years ago to investigate the A's ballpark dilemma ... but took no action.

Nevertheless, commissioner Bud Selig said then that the A's problem was "on the front burner."

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