Garnett a Rejuvenated Offensive Force

Garnett a Rejuvenated Offensive Force

Kevin Garnett insists with dagger looks and sharp rejoinders that his game has not changed of late. He takes such suggestions as insults, and says this is simply the way he has been all along.

Well, not to argue with a man of wealth and taste, but . . . baloney. On rye, with a dash of hot mustard.

We’re not suggesting Garnett made a deadline deal with Mephistopheles or anything, but he has clearly been a greater force of late. The eyes have it, and the numbers offer support.

So does Flip Saunders, the coach for his first 10 NBA years and now a consultant for the Celtics [team stats].

“From an offensive standpoint, I’d agree that this is the best he’s played in a while,” Saunders said. “And it’s because he’s being more assertive than maybe you’ve seen in the past.”

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