Essentially, Irving Merits Rookie of Year

Essentially, Irving Merits Rookie of Year

Kyrie Irving packed lightly for his journey from No. 1 overall draft pick to NBA Rookie of the Year.

In a league where it's not uncommon for players to take four bags on a two-game road trip, the Cavaliers point guard often arrived at the airport like a frugal traveler trying to avoid luggage fees.

"With Kyrie, it was nothing but the bare essentials," a team official said.

Such was the first season for a highly-productive, low-maintenance star. He came with no excessive baggage or requests or friends requiring special attention. Irving was a minimalist everywhere except on the score sheet. It's not only that he met expectations, but it's how he achieved them that excites many in the Cavaliers' organization. While averaging 18.5 points and 5.4 rebounds in 51 games, Irving worked as hard to fit in as he did to stand out.

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