Emotion Aside, Pettitte's Return Mediocre

Emotion Aside, Pettitte's Return Mediocre

You want to take something meaningful away from Andy Pettitte’s first time back on a major-league mound in a year and a half? Then you go right ahead.

Go ahead and break down Pettitte’s 6⅓-inning, 94-pitch performance. Dissect the pitch sequences that led to a couple of two-run home runs that would pin a loss on Pettitte, as the Yankees fell 6-2 to the Mariners. Analyze the velocity of his fastball (88 to 90 mph), the bite on his cutter (inconsistent), and the lack of a useful off-speed pitch (three curveball strikes on the day). But when you’re done with it all, please understand it means nothing.

Because once you get past the emotion of the event, a legendary Yankees left-hander making his way out of retirement and back to the mound a month before his 40th birthday, what you witnessed today was nothing more than Pettitte dipping his toe in the pool.

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