Brodeur Realizes Lundqvist Is Now on Top

Brodeur Realizes Lundqvist Is Now on Top

Devils-Rangers has a chance to be one of those epic playoff series fans will talk about forever. If only the Rangers didn’t have such an enormous advantage in goaltending.

Hey, don’t point the pitchfork at me. This was the picture the Devils’ goaltender himself painted yesterday, because by the time Martin Brodeur was done talking, you wondered if the team had borrowed him from some suburban roller-hockey league for the next two weeks.

He praised Henrik Lundqvist as the goalie “who’s been having the unbelievable year.” He called his Rangers counterpart “the top goalie in the NHL right now,” championing him as the likely Vezina Trophy winner. He talked about himself as a goalie on the decline to the point that you half expect him to fasten a walker to his blocking pad for Game 1 tonight.

“For me, it’s kind of nice to be able to compete against him,” Brodeur said. “I’ll do my best to match up, but it’s going to be pretty hard.”

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