Blackhawks Want to Get Rid of Kane

Blackhawks Want to Get Rid of Kane

The Blackhawks have said nothing about Patrick Kane’s latest photo spread. Do they care what their highest-profile player does? Do they care that their ticket-buyers might have questions?

It has been over a week since Deadspin shared these shots and anecdotes, but the Hawks have told their fans zip, zero, zilch. That says to me that the Hawks believe Kane is guilty.

Look, if the pictures were, say, photoshopped and Kane was being punk’d, then the Hawks would be loudly decrying the unfairness of it all. If Kane was the Boy Scout they’ve tried to market, then you betcha the Hawks would be screaming about it.

But they aren’t.

The Hawks aren’t saying anything. Remember, the Hawks are generally loud and boosterish. They schedule news conferences for a 2 percent increase in broadcast ratings.

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