Big 12 Would Demolish Florida State

Big 12 Would Demolish Florida State

Forget about money for a moment. Forget about brands and television markets and geographical footprints.

Forget about rumors and speculation, and non-denial denials and multiple voices saying multiple things, and just focus on this:

The pig gets slaughtered.

We’re missing the point on this whole Florida State to the Big 12 story, a whirlwind weekend of FSU officials who can’t get their stories straight. There’s something critical we’re all overlooking while rummaging through pure speculation.

FSU leaving the ACC for the Big 12 means FSU—all together, now—will actually play in the Big 12.

I know, the obvious statement sounds a little loony, but someone has to stand up and knock some sense into the folks from Tallahassee. Apparently we’ve all forgotten that the ’Noles built their now diminished football reputation—or as TV execs like to say, brand—on the backs of a conference that put up as much resistance as a bag of cats headed to the river.

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