Back at No. 2, Federer Eyes Sampras' Mark

Back at No. 2, Federer Eyes Sampras' Mark

Roger Federer has nothing to prove. He must accomplish nothing, short of finally beating Rafael Nadal again in a Grand Slam, to secure his legendary status. He is one of a handful of players to earn the right to be mentioned in the greatest-of-all-time conversation. Yet this doesn't make the 16-time Slam winner any less hungry or anxious to burnish his embarrassment-of-riches resume.

But Federer would love to break one record - Pete Sampras' feat of holding the No. 1 ranking for 286 weeks. Federer is agonizingly close, having stood atop the tennis world for 285 weeks.

After Nadal's three Slam victories in 2010 and Novak Djokovic doing the same last year, it appeared that Federer, who'll turn 31 in August, had no shot of being the top-ranked player again.

But all of a sudden Federer has supplanted Nadal at No. 2 and is closing fast on the top-rated Djokovic.

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