Wilson Reminds Fans of His Heart

Wilson Reminds Fans of His Heart

The decision, frankly, smacked a little of desperation.

The kind of thing a struggling, 14-19 team would do to try to kick-start itself, or send itself a message.

Calling all Angels, as it were -- here in only the second week of May.

"Put me in, coach," C.J. Wilson, starting pitcher and the eye of Friday night's storm, said he more or less told his Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim manager Mike Scioscia.

Or as Wilson himself explained, "I just feel it was good for our team to see me go out there and challenge the situation."

C.J., ex-Texas-Ranger-turned-richest-Angels-pitcher, is all about the challenge, of course. Just ask him.

He drives a race car. He wears a red baseball glove. He is -- with apologies to the beer commercials -- the world's most interesting pitcher.

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