Lions' Moore Welcomes Challenge of NFL

Lions' Moore Welcomes Challenge of NFL

Proving doubters wrong is nothing new to quarterback Kellen Moore. He spent four years at Boise State constantly knocking on the Bowl Championship Series national title door, each rap resonating a little stronger, a little louder.

Even if Moore doesn't take a snap in an NFL game, his football legacy already is established. He pushed college football a little closer to a playoff format that'll be accessible to all football programs, not just those draped in royal robes today primarily because of what they accomplished yesterday.

"We weren't alone in doing that," Moore said Friday as the Lions opened a three-day rookie minicamp. "There were some other uncharacteristic teams that probably didn't fit the profile that proved themselves and had the opportunity to play some big games. That BCS thing was always a work in progress. There's always room for improvement. But they usually got it right at the end of the day."

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