Kane Must Tone Down Public Escapades

Kane Must Tone Down Public Escapades

There’s a lot to like about Patrick Kane. In addition to having rare hockey skills, he can be funny, opinionated and as carefree as a puppy.

He’s 23, and he’s an NHL star. He should be having a good time.

But, dude, why are you making us watch your good time in progress?

Last week, photos of a partying Kane showed up on the Internet, causing a stir and adding to a legend the Blackhawks would prefer go away. It’s not just that trouble follows him. It’s that he sees trouble and motions for it to join him, if not pose with him.

In 2009, he was arrested after an altercation with a cabdriver over pocket change.

Five months later, photos of a shirtless Kane and two teammates sitting with women in a limousine went viral.

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