Tiger Is Grinding, Deserves Room to Work

Tiger Is Grinding, Deserves Room to Work

The vitriol some of you direct at Tiger Woods is just ... repulsive. Were you rooting for him to miss the cut Friday at the Players? I know you’re out there. You write in all the time. Were you hoping he’d miss consecutive cuts for the first time in his professional career? Well, he didn’t.

On Thursday he shot 74, two over par on this golf course that has all the charm of the Walmart in Branson, Mo. (Except for professional contrarian Colin Montgomerie, you will seldom hear any player profess genuine love for the Stadium Course.) Woods knew he’d have to shoot 70 or better to make it to Saturday’s round. Through seven holes he was even for the day. Do you think he felt pressure about the possibility of missing the cut? He would never admit that, but he doesn’t admit to much. We all know that, now. Misdirection is a high art for him. Hank Haney, in his book, spells out some of the lies Woods has told.

So, Tiger lies. Who among us does not?

But his scorecard is pathologically honest, and there in black-and-white are his Friday birdies on eight, nine, 10 and 11. That got him to two under par for the tournament, and that’s where he finished after shooting 68 to make the cut by two. Or, as Woods would say, he’s six off the lead.

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