Seau Will Be With Us Forever

Seau Will Be With Us Forever

They buried Junior Seau in the morning. They buried Superman.

“That was it, Superman,” Miles McPherson, the former Chargers safety and friend of the Seau family who now serves as pastor at The Rock Church, was saying before Friday night’s Celebration of Life at Qualcomm Stadium. “I couldn’t believe it. I got a text. I kept texting back, ‘What do you mean?’ I couldn’t believe it. Denial.”

And how does he, a man of the cloth, handle suicide?

“Very carefully,” McPherson said. “He was in a very low place; a place I’ve never been. Funerals are draining when you don’t know the person. This is compounded many times over. Looking into his grave, I couldn’t believe he was in that hole.”

Nor could the 2,000 mourners who attended Junior’s funeral Friday morning in Oceanside’s Cavalry Chapel, not the 20,000 or so celebrators — far short of most estimates, but impressive nonetheless — who found their way to Qualcomm.

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