Yankees' Advantage Over Rays Is Depth

Yankees' Advantage Over Rays Is Depth

Two hundred million dollars won't necessarily buy you wins. But it sure can buy you a lot of margin for error.

If there's a difference between the rosters of the two favorites in the American League East this year, it's that. When the Yankees have to do without Brett Gardner, or find themselves enduring a slump by Robinson Cano, they can churn right along. When the Rays have to go even a short time without Desmond Jennings and Evan Longoria, they feel it in a big way.

That difference was evident in Thursday night's 5-3 New York win against Tampa Bay, a game in which the Yankees' lineup depth (and the Rays' lack thereof) made a huge difference. Facing a Cy Young-caliber pitcher in David Price, the Yanks didn't blink. Seven Yankees had a run, an RBI, or both as Price took a rare loss against the reigning division champs.

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